Specializing in Interior / Exterior Lighting and Control System Sales and Support

Lighting Retrofit Specialists

Working closely with the lighting system experts at Retro Spec in Marlborough, Massachusetts ensures proper design for your application and provides a services experience actually designed for the buyer. We specify solutions tailored specifically for building retrofit projects.

With a passion for innovation and a commitment to excellence, we have earned a stellar reputation for providing first-rate lighting solutions that transform spaces, reduce energy consumption, and unlock valuable incentives.

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Bank on Insight and Experience

Building retrofits demands a unique set of skills and knowledge to balance aesthetics, functionality, and energy efficiency.

We have the experience and insight needed to deliver exceptional lighting solutions that enhance your space while optimizing energy consumption.

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Quality-Driven Selection

Our technical teams partner exclusively with manufacturers known for their top‑quality lighting products.

Doing so ensures that every product we recommend is not only energy‑efficient but also certified and properly listed, meeting all the necessary standards and regulations.

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Optimize Incentives

We understand that cost savings and incentives play a crucial role in your retrofit projects. Our team is dedicated to helping you qualify for various incentive programs.

We work hard to ensure you receive the maximum benefits available, enabling you to make smart, cost‑effective lighting choices.

Discover the Power of Superior Lighting Solutions

Whether you're renovating your office, retail space, or industrial facility, expect us to guide you toward a brighter and more energy-efficient future.

Let’s work together to brighten your space, save on energy costs, and secure valuable incentives. Discuss your lighting retrofit project with us.