Your Lighting REtrofit specifier

Retro Spec based in Marlborough, Massachusetts serves the commercial / industrial retrofit industry and fills a significant gap in it: the absence of quality specification agents that represent the buyers in the market. This makes it a challenge for clients to find experts to guide them through retrofit projects effectively working in their best interest.

To bridge the gap, we have founded a company dedicated to offering top‑tier specification services tailored to the retrofit space focused on representing distributors.


Unwaivering respect for the Distribution Channel

We come from the distribution portion of the channel and respect the role of the distributor. With such a background, we deeply appreciate the vital role that distributors play in the supply chain.

To ensure seamless integration of our retrofit solutions, we collaborate closely with distributors. By respecting their expertise and position in the channel, we succeed in enhancing the overall retrofit ecosystem.

Ask for Recommendations

Tell us about your building's lighting retrofit requirements, as well as your goals and expectations. Our technical teams would be delighted to suggest solutions ideal for achieving your objectives.